Home with TimberSteel Metal roof, a standing seam alternative by GAF

GAF TimberSteel™ Premium Metal Roofing System

GAF is changing the game with a new, modern way to go metal. Learn how to be a part of the future of metal roofing.
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Introducing the future of metal roofing

Special design


Available in a variety of colors to suit your home and taste
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Durable metal helps protect against the elements.
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A tough metal roof that's not as tough on your budget
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Its affordable armor for your home

The GAF TimberSteel™ Premium Metal Roofing System includes layers of protection, innovatively designed to help protect your home against the elements.

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The TimberSteel™ Premium Metal Roofing System will be available in a limited number of areas beginning in fall 2024. Sign up now to receive information about the TimberSteel™ system, updates on availability in your area and information about products, services, programs, and promotions that may interest you from GAF.

We look forward to keeping you informed and helping you discover the affordable beauty and strength of metal.

Roofing contractor installing TimberSteel metal roof shingles with standard roofing equipment

Beauty. Longevity. Affordability.

The NEW GAF TimberSteel™ Premium Metal Roofing System offers the toughness, beauty, and longevity you want from a metal roof. Learn more about the TimberSteel™ system by downloading the brochure.
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