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We are reimagining the ways we live, creating better technology with practical applications to help us keep our promise to protect what matters most. From light-weight roofing tiles, to solar reflective pigments, the cutting edge of research and development in roofing and waterproofing solutions can be found at GAF.

GAF takes innovation in the roofing industry seriously. Some of our technologies are featured below.

Timberline HDZ® shingles with LayerLock® technology

LayerLock® Technology mechanically fuses the common bond between overlapping shingle layers. The added strength at the common bond powers the StrikeZone™ nailing area - the industries widest nail zone.

GAF Advanced Algae Protection Limited Warranties - StainGuard Plus™ and StainGuard Plus PRO™

Protect your customers' new roofs from eave to ridge with algae resistant shingles from GAF.   Our GAF shingles, hip and ridge caps, and starter strips come with the 25-Year StainGuard Plus™ Algae Protection Limited Warranty. Or offer your customers the NEW 30-Year StainGuard Plus PRO™ Algae Protection Limited Warranty with new Timberline® UHDZ™ shingles with 10% MORE Time-Release Algae-Fighting technology.¹
¹ 25 year StainGuard Plus™ Limited Warranty against blue green algae discoloration is available only on products sold in packages bearing the StainGuard Plus™ logo. 30 year StainGuard Plus PRO™ Limited Warranty against blue-green algae discoloration is available only on products sold in packages bearing the StainGuard Plus PRO™ logo. See GAF Shingle and Accessory Limited Warranty for complete coverage and restrictions.
Panels of EnergyGuard roof insulation

EnergyGuard™ NH Polyiso Roof Insulation

EnergyGuard™ Non-Halogenated Polyiso Roof Insulation boards offer all the performance and flame retardance you rely on, now free of any halogenated components - a great choice for more sustainable building design.

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Science of Roofing

The Science of Roofing

Our technical, chemical and engineering expertise is second to none when it comes to the roofing industry. For more than a century, GAF has pioneered development and manufacturing of high-performance residential and commercial roofing products through advanced R&D and real-world scientific programs. Think you have what it takes to join our team? Visit our career page to learn more.