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Our culture

Empower, evolve, connect and inspire

Our values are the building blocks of everything we do. They’re the guiding principles that shape who we are: an inclusive, diverse, and culture-driven company that delivers on our promise to Empower, Evolve, Connect, and Inspire. Hear what our people have to say!

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We protect the differences that matter most

From the board room to the production floor, everyone at GAF is part of a culture that thrives on our values. Together, we represent the society we live in: an inclusive, always evolving space where people come together to add value to individual and collective success.
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Fostering a culture of development

The employee experience at GAF is focused on development, which is promoted through training, engagement surveys, continuous feedback, opportunities for growth, and guidance on pathways that take you where you want to go. When you come as you are at GAF, there’s always a place for you to make your career meaningful—and to make a difference.

Discover our communities

Our commitment to nurturing a culture that promotes inclusion and diversity is reflected in our employee-led communities, where everyone is invited to live their core values.
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We appreciate our people

Our employees define the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. No matter their role, their work moves us all forward. As a sign of thanks, recognition programs and awards have been created just for them.

Do you see yourself here? We do!

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